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Frequently asked questions

I’m not sure whether my ticket is worth fighting. Can I talk to someone over the phone?

Absolutely. If you’re not ready to fight your ticket yet, call us or email your ticket to us. We’ll go over your options and help you decide whether it makes sense to fight the ticket.

What does the OTR flat fee include?

The fee you pay when you book a case on OTR is the legal fee to fight your ticket. You will not have to pay any additional fees to either your lawyer or Off The Record. The OTR fee does not include any fines or court fees that you may have to pay depending on how your case is resolved.

We work hard to make sure we have the most competitive fees you can find, combined with the best service. If you find a lawyer that has lower fees than we do, please let us know and we’ll do our best to price match!

Do you fight all types of traffic tickets?

Yes. We work exclusively with traffic lawyers who have extensive experience dealing with all types of traffic matters. The lawyers we work with can contest any and all traffic violations. Some of the most common violations we see are speeding, illegal use of the HOV lane, and negligent driving.

What outcome can I expect?

Our primary goal is to get your ticket – and fine – completely dismissed. Sometimes, that’s simply not possible, so your lawyer will attempt to get the ticket reduced to a non-moving violation that doesn’t go on your driving record and doesn’t impact your insurance premiums. Most tickets fall within one of those two categories. Click here to see all the possible outcomes.

We believe that no one should be penalized for contesting a traffic ticket. That’s why we stand by our money back guarantee. If your ticket is not successfully resolved and you qualify for our money back guarantee (most tickets do), you’ll get a full refund.