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The OTR Money Back Guarantee


Drivers often want to contest their traffic tickets but feel they are taking a big risk by hiring a lawyer.

For example, if you hire a lawyer and the lawyer is not successful in keeping the ticket off of your driving record, you will be worse off than if you had just paid the fine. You’ll now have to pay the ticket fine on top of the legal fee that you’ve already paid, with nothing to show for it.

At Off The Record, we want to eliminate this financial risk as much as possible.


We want to encourage everyone to fight their traffic tickets, so we’ve introduced a simple money back guarantee. Please read the full details below.


Unfortunately, not every ticket is resolved favorably. Here is how our money back guarantee works.

You will receive a full refund if:

  1. Your ticket is found committed and you did not receive a fine reduction
    (i.e. You are found guilty of the original charge)
  2. We are legally allowed to offer a refund
    A few areas don’t allow us to offer a refund (specifically, New Jersey and New York City). This will be clearly marked and obvious before you book a case.

You will not receive a refund if:

  1. Your ticket is dismissed, amended to a non-moving violation or deferred
  2. You received the ticket in a state that has a point system, and the points associated with your ticket are reduced
  3. The attorney gets you a deal that wasn’t previously available
  4. You are able to keep the ticket off of your record by taking traffic school or a defensive driving course
  5. Your fine reduction is greater than, or equal to, the legal fee that you paid

You will receive a partial refund if:

  1. Your ticket is found committed but you receive a fine reduction
    Example: Assume your original fine is $300 and you pay a $250 legal fee.
    If your lawyer is able to get the fine reduced to $200 instead of $300, you’ll receive a refund of $150 ($250 legal fee – $100 fine reduction).


  1. We will always treat your ticket as if it were our own
  2. If you decide to hire an attorney on your own, always ask if they have a money back guarantee
  3. Our refunds are hassle free. If your case is lost and you qualify for our money back guarantee, we’ll issue you a full refund immediately.


When you plead guilty and pay a traffic ticket fine, that ticket will stay on your driving record for 3 – 5 years. Your insurance premiums will likely increase, and you will be dealt with more harshly if you get future tickets. Here are the possible outcomes when you fight your traffic ticket:

  • Full DismissalIf you have a spotless record, or if your ticket has errors or inconsistencies, there’s a good chance that your lawyer may be able to get the ticket completely dismissed. When this happens, you won’t have to pay a fine and the ticket will never show up on your record. It will be as if it never happened.
  • Amended (Reduced) to Non-Moving ViolationIf your ticket does not have any errors, or if the judge and prosecutor have enough evidence to believe that you committed the infraction, then your lawyer will negotiate with the judge and prosecutor to reduce the charge to a non-moving violation (like a parking ticket). When this happens, you’ll likely have to pay a fine, but the ticket will not go on your driving record. Your lawyer may be able to argue for a lower fine, but the real savings is that your insurance premiums will not increase because of this ticket, and future tickets will not have a compound effect.
  • Ticket Points ReducedIf you received the ticket in a state with a point system, your lawyer may be able to get the number of points associated with your ticket reduced. Getting the number of points reduced will minimize the impact the ticket has on your driving record and insurance premiums. It may also prevent possible license suspension.
  • DeferralSome states have a deferral program. Deferring a ticket means that the court is willing to turn a blind eye to the ticket if you don’t get another one for a certain period of time. Deferred tickets do not appear on your driving record. Traffic lawyers, including the ones Off The Record works with, usually use this as a last resort.
  • Traffic School / Defensive Driving ClassSome states offer deals whereby they’ll drop the ticket if you take some sort of driving class. Once you take the class, the ticket does not appear on your driving record. Not all tickets qualify for these deals, and this option is often limited in that you can only take such a class once. Traffic lawyers, including the ones Off The Record works with, take these deals only when no other options are available.
  • Committed (Case Lost)Obviously, we hate it when this happens. While the vast majority of drivers who contest a ticket get a favorable outcome, sometimes nothing can be done to avoid the full penalty. Our lawyers will fight hard to avoid this scenario, but it is always a possibility.When this happens, you’ll have to pay your original ticket fine and the ticket will go on your driving record. If you contested your ticket through OTR, we’d issue you a full refund.